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Copywriting agency: voice versus tone of voice
When a copywriting agency is commissioned by a company for writing texts, it must necessarily pass through a phase of study and research to...
Ranking on search engines and "content marketing"
Today we talk about ranking on search engines in relation with the concept of content marketing. Let's start first of all by the "content...
Social Media Marketing and public relations are digital nowadays!
Today we talk about "public relations." What do we mean by this term? In general the whole COMMUNICATION of the company, in order to create...
Visibility on search engines: how Google works?
How many of you have wondered how Google works? How do they choose the Web sites to be included in the first pages and those instead completely to...
Copywriting agency: 3 ERRORS not to commit!
Are there "instructions" to write good quality texts? There are guidelines that copywriting agency must follow to develop interesting and original...
Positioning on search engines: When a web page is rewarded?
We have said several times that the ranking on the search engines of a website largely depends on the inner content of the text. But how do you...
The value of sales online and their turnover of 2015
Day after day we realize how commerce has changed thanks to Internet. How many of you, twenty years ago, would have thought it would be possible...
Copywriting agency: how changes the content on the web?
We have spoken several times of the revolution linked to the mobile web, which officially passed the "old" desktop navigation. But how evolves the...
Mobile web: it's official, has passed the desktop navigation
The year 2015 will be remembered by all for a great achievement: the mobile web exceeded  the  browsing on the desktop of a personal computer,...
Email Marketing: one of the strategies of the LEAD GENERATION
The LEAD GENERATION is a collection of marketing activities aimed at acquiring potential 
customers really interested in the products and/or...
Social Media Marketing: different content for each platform
A good strategy of Social Media Marketing should necessarily set various activities for the different platforms which are most commonly used....
Visibility on search engines: HOLISTIC CONTENT
Obtaining visibility on search engines, today, is indispensable for business. The web has, by now, become the center of all markets. The users get...


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