Glacom Romania, new office in Timisoara

Are you interested in breaking new ground in Eastern Europe? In Glacom Romania we can counsel you.


Glacom is not only characterized by its SEO positioning campaigns and digital marketing, but it is also specialized in counselling businesses on entering the international market. Glacom now has a new office: Glacom Romania, located in Timisoara.

Why Romania?

A number of aspects make Romania into an excellent place to either start a business or open an office and to set up collaborative working networks. Apart from being a country with a range of business opportunities, Romania is a perfect gate to Eastern Europe and its valuable ever-rising market. It is an area with great manufacturing potential. Moreover, Timisoara (in the west of the country) and the location Glacom has chosen for its office constitute one of the most relevant industrial centres in Romania. The amount of foreign investment is increasing with an extra profit derived from the proximity to bordering Serbia and Hungary, both countries with a high business potential too. Romania comprises business sectors with great possibilities and opportunities for companies to trade. It stands out for the primary and secondary sectors above all. In fact, it is one of the main manufacturing and exporting countries of agricultural commodities in Europe. Regarding the industry sector, Romania represents 35% of the GDP —textile, iron and steel, as well as machine and vehicle manufacturing are ranked the highest. The service sector represents 55% of the GDP, being tourism the most profitable on its kind. As always, it will be necessary to analyse in detail the special features of the Romanian marketplace, as well as to have experts on the field or get the collaboration of partners in order to outline the best strategy to start a new business project. In Glacom we can help you. We count on co-workers in place who will be able to counsel your company and arrange the best way to develop your business idea.

What benefits may the opening to the Romanian market bring?

• A new market to be explored
• Delocalization: manufacturing in the area generates financial benefits since costs get lowered
• Existing EU funding and grants for businesses

What does Glacom Romania offer you?

•Web marketing across Eastern Europe
• Business opening and accounting
• Staff recruitment
• Market Analysis
• Support throughout the whole development of your business

For any additional information do not hesitate to contact us. The new Glacom Romania is here for you.

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