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“Online” examples of Growth Hacking? Facebook, Google and Twitter. Glacom uses the same action-philosophy

Daniele Dibitonto
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What’s Growth Hacking? It consists of marketing techniques where originality, creativity and, most importantly, a trial/error mentality and analytical thought (with web and social network standards) are the basis to sell and to increase the visibility of a product or service.
“Online” examples that we know (and probably visit everyday) could be Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. … What do these giants have in common? They all once were little platforms with a very limited budget and have since been able to reach, in little time, enormous profits. Furthermore, all of these companies have invented (or re-invented) new, original services. We’re talking about something that goes quite beyond the simple marketing strategy, which, however, still maintains its validity and the interest of many companies. In particular, the Growth Hacking is very useful for the start-ups: it allows them to grow in a stable manner.
A Growth Hacking technique doesn’t seek visits on the website, nor the first page on a search engine; it aims at selling the product and making it renowned, all with the peculiarity of the growth “graphic” to continue its rise (Therefore, a very American model indeed).
Glacom offers web marketing strategies with the very “Growth Hacking” technique: obtaining results (sales) with speed and agility during marketing operations via the web. Not all companies aim at growing “disproportionally”, though. It’s thus necessary to understand what the objectives are in a marketing plan, and to calibrate the “growth hacking” according to the limits that the company holds.
 Beware:  What doesn’t the Growth Hacking absolutely consists of? It isn’t a load of “tricks”; that would be black magic! Neither is it the tyranny of the product over the client! It isn’t visits (such a service would, in case, be more appropriate to a travel agency…). It isn’t a protocol, a software, nor a team of flying monkeys being trained to programme… It’s pure originality and creativity.

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