How does the SEO change in 2019?

SEO Trend 2019: what should we expect from organic positioning in 2019? What kind of surprises does Mr. Google reserve in the new year?

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We have already said many times that the world of web marketing, in particular that of SEO, is constantly evolving. What works today, tomorrow is widely exceeded. But after all, it is good that it is so, we like the criterion of meritocracy to get to the top of the Google ranking, and how. It is a daily challenge, a struggle for extreme optimization, innovation and who benefits? The user, who in the end, is still us!
We have collected here 5 essential points that are the SEO 2019 trends according to the gurus of the sector. What should we expect from the ranking? On which points is it necessary to invest time and resources?
  • understand the audience and the user’s intention

Never before has the user been the center of attention for Google. Everything must be in function of the user, of the reader. And how can I speak for my audience if I do not know it? It is therefore very important to study your target, understand it, try to develop empathy to offer suitable content, in line with the interests of the people, involving and exciting.
Keywords are always less important. Google has become so intelligent as to understand the semantic meaning of the contents, of the meaning "in full", without necessarily having to base itself on the presence of repeated keywords. So we try to understand what our public is looking for and how it is looking, to try to respond exactly to their needs.

  • the importance of structured data

With the advent of domestic artificial intelligence and chatbots, further acceleration of responses by search engines was necessary. A user who does a voice search from his device expects a real-time response. With structured data we can give Google the ability to understand our content as fast and detailed as possible, without necessarily having to scan the entire website in search of the answer.
 Structured data is the link between the present with a screen and the future without a screen. Knowing how to use them well today is essential to conquer an appropriate position and visibility.
  • the content is increasingly crucial

The Google update algorithms released in 2018 have shown us how much the search engine has improved and strengthened the evaluation of the quality of website content. Portals with deep and interconnected contents, able to answer specific questions and involve the reader, were rewarded last year. Other sites have been penalized, despite the publication of numerous contents, but poor in visits and motivation.
Your contents must move, they must answer questions, they must connect people, they must create something. Better to publish less if necessary, but when you launch a content in the network it must be a bomb!
  • on-page optimization

Parallel to the publication of new content, it is necessary to dedicate time to optimize SEO on page. What does this mean? Every page of your website must be analyzed with a critical eye always in view of the user experience, which must be as fluid, easy and engaging as possible. So it is necessary to verify these points:
  -  does the content answer the user's question and is it exhaustive?
  -  does internal research satisfy the reader's need?
  -  customer support is on time?
  -  the conversion path is facilitated?
  -  Is it possible to install a chatbot to lighten the load of questions from the reader?
  -  are the call to action evident but not invasive?
  -  are the processes for the purchase clear?
  • investments for technical SEO

Oh yes, competition is increasingly ruthless. To have visibility on search engines in 2019 it is necessary to be excellent in every sector, including technical SEO. So the computer scientists must find the best solutions to ensure speed of the website (in view also of the increase in the number of voice searches),to make the most of Javascript and to transform more and more a website in a web Apps, which represents the future.

As we said at the beginning, it is necessary to aim for excellence in everything. Do not forget the topic of social networks, video contents that are more and more masters of the web,, the optimization of voice searches, the importance of HTTPS and so on. Slowly we will address all these topics and we will try to help you, bringing you practical examples of projects and works that we follow.
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