Internationalization we do
Contributions for all companies wishing to expand their overseas markets and develop their presence in foreign countries. Export support measures both operational and analytical.
Research and Development we do
Tax credit of 50% (maximum of Euro 20 million / year) bestowed by the Ministry of Economic Development in support of companies for all expenses incurred from 2012 to 2014 in the Research & Development sector, for innovation and competitiveness on the markets.
Environmental sustainability we do
Funding for companies that invest resources in the field of eco-sustainability, in order to improve their energy efficiency, to reduce the impact on the environment, to protect biodiversity, to reduce consumption and to prefer renewable resources.
Start Up we do
Facilitations and public contributions that interest StartUp companies, in order to support them in the start of work, thus favoring the new business class, for activities from the most classic to the most innovative.
Industry 4.0 we do
Concrete measures in cars to companies that want to take advantage of opportunities related to the fourth industrial revolution, to encourage investment in the field of innovation, competitiveness and optimization of production.
Company development we do
National and regional contributions to support all company investments aimed at improving equipment, machinery, real estate premises and the organization of production.
Liquidity increase we do
Funding to improve the financial structure of a company, with the aim of modulating debt, restoring liquidity, supporting the purchase of resources and machinery, increasing capital and anticipating future collections.