Company Blog

What is a Company Blog?
The Company Blog, part of the auto-manageable Glacom_ system is a dynamic yet simple instrument to manage: it ia a large container of texts that is seen as a store dedicated entirely to the products and/or services of your company.
The articles are written by the SEO copywriter (or by an expert chosen by yourselves, within your company), following the important rules for postioning on search engines; in fact they contain a plan of key words and phrases chosen by the client, depending on the target.
The posts are posted on the Company Blog following an order of date and time, and can be grouped into categories and shared on the most famous Social Networks.

What are the functions of a Company Blog?
A Company Blog is, above all, an instrument for the promotion of your company on the major search engines. It’s the most economic way to reach important goals in a stable manner.
The other important objective of a Company Blog is communication: in fact, all the posts posted talk about specific matters related to the products and/or services that your company offer. In this way the client can get more detailed information about your proposals, thanks to the clear and immediate explanations, and chose you instead of others.

Why chose a Company Blog?

This instrument allows you to promote your company via an exclusively dedicated magazine. The main and most important difference between a website that has a Company Blog and a portal that doesn’t have one, is that once the user has entered the blog they become more involved and interested in the added details and information regarding your products and/or services, they take pleasure in finding out new facts and they become loyal.
A Company Blog is therefore an extremely efficient promotional vehicle, interesting and immediate, at the client’s service.