The e-commerce web portal by Glacom® is a virtual store that allows your company to sell products and/or services online.
In the past decade commercial trade on the network has exploded, therefore it has become very important for a company that sells products and/or services to have an e-commerce option.
The portal gives you the possibility to expand your horizons and reach a much wider public, worldwide even. In fact, via the internet, you can be visible to users from all over the world, who can buy your products and/or services online.

- personalized graphics designed in collaboration with the client.
- auto-manageable portal with an exposition of products arranged in categories; via the control panel it is possible to insert, modify, cancel products.
- the products are inserted with codes, images, prices, discounts, variables, files to download and they can be associated to more than one category.
- possibility of creating modules for “special offers”, “novelties”, “most sold products”, and associate them to the products of interest.
- safe transaction (HTTPS cryptography and purchase of saftey certifiaction from RapidSSL) with bank transfer, credit card or cheque (after the login the client selects the delivery address and method of payment).
- possibility to chose the cost of delivery based on weight, location, size of goods, payment costs and other guidelines.
- the portal can be connected in real time to an internal manager of the company (Glacom®API) that communicates with the store room, accounts office and administartion. In this way, without any maintenance costs, the transmission of data is faster (orders, estimates, status, availability of goods, forms etc.).
- complete and detailed monitoring of visitors to the website (number, nationality, time, key phrases used, pages most visited etc.).
- possibility of translating the portal in all languages.
- possibility of adding visibility and positioning programmes for search engines.