Web Tv and Radio

Glacom® RADIO
Online radio transmits audio like a streaming flow and is readable from any media player installed on computer, tablet or smartphone. Traditional radio reaches certain areas only, whereas web radio can be listened to in any part of the world.

GLACOM® RADIO is the instrument for managing various forms of communiaction with maximum professionality, simplicity and dynamism. If we then add a Company Blog it becomes interactive and allows you to create a worldwide community.
-The PLAYLIST MP3 function allows you to manage the execution of MP3 audio files in real time, whether they are songs or pre-recorded programmes. It’s possible to add a name, code, category (advertisement, interview, programme etc.), title, description to each MP3 file and, decide the order of transmission by number and/or date; it’s also possible to programme repetitions.
-The RADIO ONLIVE function allows you to send audio content from a computer or platform connected to internet. Via a media player that can transmit audio content (e.g.WINAMP) listeners can sing the musical files that your computer or platform, via an authenticated connection, will transmit to the servers in charge of managing the streaming and so repeating it for the listeners. For example you can do interviews via Skype, read Tweets or Facebook comments from your listeners and produce programmes ONLIVE that will entertain your public.

Glacom® TV
Television in streaming can now be seen on the latest models of television and not only on computer. Exactly the same as radio, Glacom® offers you a system for managing the programming of video files with the functions PLAYLIST VIDEO and TV ONLIVE.

GLACOM® TV, via a media player and a blog, will allow you to transmit your television channel all over the world.

Streaming is the system with which audio data from the web radio is transmitted and the width of the band permits the downloading of your audio and visual contents to a certain number of users. The width of the band affects the cost of web television and radio, definitely lower than traditional television or radio. Glacom also offers consultancy in these matters and produces all the technical-communicative structure that your editoriale activity requires.