Webiste and Web portal


A Glacom® webiste is perfect for all companies that need to promote their products and/or services on the network, in a dynamic and free way. The portal is a valid and efficient communicative tool, capable of reaching a wider range of the public. Clarity, order, immediateness and originality are the vital characteristics that could make the difference!

The Glacom® web portal, thanks to its excellent compatability with the most important search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex etc.), can reach excellent results with promotion and positioning on the network, through well planned Web Marketing campaigns, made to measure for each company.


Glacom® is a dynamic system in PHP/Python technology, complately auto-manageable and indexable on all search engines. Each Glacom_ system is equipped with an independant and exclusive database. All Glacom® websites are equipped with an online control panel that allows you to manage all the contents of the website simply, easily and autonomously.

It’s possible to connect yourselves and enter from any computer or operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux etc.) or browser (Explorer, Firefox etc.) in any part of the world.
All Glacom® systems, via an internal engine, allow the research of subjects and/or products contained in the database of the website. The auto-manageable system does not require technical assistance and there is no fixed maintenance fee.

APPs are informatic applicatications dedicated to smartphones and tablets, therefore to all instruments that use the mobile option. They are installed directly on the instruments and work like a connection to a remote application.