Copywriting is a true art, that of harmonizing good and pleasant writing with the needs of visibility and positioning on search engines.

Glacom is a copywriting agency. By “copywriting” we mean the drafting of original and creative texts and articles, optimized for the positioning on search engines, written by specialized copywriters, depending on the sector of the demanding company. This text content deals with themes and matters relative to the products and/or services of the company and the sector in general.

What characteristics does the copywriting service at Glacom have? All the texts are written by professional writers, competent and respectful of grammar rules and logic of the language. What makes them special is the creativity and originality of these texts, capable of explaining clearly and immediately all the infomation necessary to stimulate interest and curiosity regarding the matter.
Glacom has a team of expert copywriters, qualified for every business sector: legal, medical, engineering, touristic, culinary, pedagogical, linguistic etc.