Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most direct forms of marketing possible. Promotional messages are sent directly to the final user, through electronic post straight to their email address.

The advantages of email marketing are:
- PRICE  the sending of newsletters is more economical than any other advertising vehicle.
- SPEED  the message is delivered in real time, even if a person is on the other side of the world.
- SAFETY  it’s very difficult for a message not to delivered or lost.
- PERSONALIZATION  newsletters are prepared and organized for a specific target public.
- INVESTMENT RETURN  the comparison between sendings and interest is very high, so there is an effective positive feedback for the company.
- REPORT  it’s possible to know how many users read the message, how many click for more information, how many visit your website, how many cancel their subscription, etc.

Glacom carries out targeted email marketing campaigns, enhancing the quality of each single contact, this means that the user your promotion is destined for is actually interested and could contact you.

Email Marketing can be used for:
-acquiring new clients
-proposing a promotion
-creating loyalty with clients
-remembering events.