Positioning (SEO/SEM)

SEO Search Engine Optimization
The SEO holds all the activities and strategies for improving the positioning on search engines of an internet site. How is it measured? A good SEO programme must bring all the strategic key words and phrases of the company to the top of the search engines.

SEM Search Engine Marketing
The SEM includes all the web marketing activities aimed at conquering visibility on search engines. It deals with making the website available in the best posible way, developing new promotional strategies online and verifying the validity with feedback and careful analysis. 

Glacom® deals with SEO and SEM programmes for whatever kind of comapny. Our team is composed of professionals that deal with positioning on search engines SEO, who work “onsite”, directly on the website (website architecture, content pages, meta tag, updates etc.) and professionals specialized in SEM marketing, who work “off-site”, that is to say, on external elements that can influence the growth of the website (link building, web reputation, email marketing etc.).

SEO/SEM optimization of a website has the aim of improving its position on search engines, and consequently, increasing the visibility of products and/or services proposed by the company.