Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing deals with generating visibility and improving a company’s reputation on Social Networks and in virtual communities. Nowadays, Social Platforms are visited and consulted continuously, so it’s important to exploit this traffic to promote your company and your products and/or services.

The old “word of mouth” from person to person, now takes place via sharing on Facebook, re-tweeting with Twitter, a video on YouTube and many more. The strength of Social Media Marketing is the direct relationship that is created between the sender (the company) and the recipient (the user, the private individual): the public that can be reached is widespread and varied and the client can interact, comment and advise. It is precisely this relationship that determines the successful result of a good Social Media Marketing programme: the more the user is involved, major is the  result of the promotional strategy.

What can a company do via Social Media Marketing?
-give the public information and updates in real time
-create a personal social network of users interested in their products and/or services
-improve their strategies and offers depending on user feedback
-expand their area of potential clients in an incredible way

Which are the most important Social Networks? On the web there are so many: Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Linkedin, Vkontakte, YouTube, Pinterest, Thumblr, Flikr, Reddit...but not all of them are suitable, for every company there are one or more suitable social platforms on which to represent and promote oneself.