Video marketing

Video marketing deals with the planning and producing of company videos aimed at presenting products and/or services.

When is it really useful to do video marketing?  It’s very simple, a video is the right solution when the message risks losing important details during its presentation via another media. Video is complete: it contains images, music,’s very capivating and has a high communicative potential. This is exactly the main characteristic that makes it different to any other tool: the emotional answer on behalf of the user that watches and listens.
Obviously this answer could be both positive or negative, the “emotion” that passes through a video has an immediate effect (studies have shown that the first impression hits the user in the first 15 seconds of the video) therefore it is necessary to consider all the parts of the video very well: the beginning, middle and the end.

What is the real secret of video marketing?  There’s no doubt, this stragegy works when the user is offered an interesting video, something that is really worth spending time to watch. A video has to capture, inform or instruct.