Web Design

The production of a website involves the work of various professionals: the analyst gathers all the data and information supplied by the client, the graphic designer creates the layout and graphic interface of the website, the computer programmer converts all the information into code and improves the elements, the copywriter writes the texts. The construction of a website can not rely on just one of this roles.

A good web design project must satisfty many requirements: to begin with the usability and accessability, secondly immediateness, order, originality, clarity, interest.

The web designer uses software such as editor web and sheets of style to build thisconstruction. In order to optimize the website for search engines, certain structural rules must be respected.

Glacom is capable of creating professional websites W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), not only accessable by all web browsers, but also for the blind. The rules and regulations for improving all websites for the blind too, were created by the W3C consortium, aiming to develop all the potential of the web.