Email marketing: direct company action.

Email marketing, to communicate directly with your clients. Contact Glacom for an estimate with no obbligation.

Posted on 20 April 2015
What do we mean by email marketing? We know what a market is, and by adding the gerund it indicates an action...we can say that it is the action on behalf of a business on the market, with the aim of presenting its products and/or services to the public. The aim of marketing is making oneself visible and gaining profit.

Email marketing, therefore, is promotion via email, so in digital format, in real time , all over the world. Email marketing is part of the direct techniques of the market, with this instrument companies can communicate directly with the final client in a targeted manner. This allows great results as the middle men are elimated and you arrive directly at the source.

When a user chooses to give you their free and informed consent to recieve your newsletters, it means that they are really interested in your proposals, offers, novelties. Email marketing therefore, also becomes an instrument of loyalty, with which you can communicate with your clients, directly. In this case, the feedback from the promotional campaign is remarkable.

Glacom deals with email marketing, contact us to find out more, to ask for an estimate or consultancy regarding all the legislative terms in use by the sector (Guarantor of Privacy).

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