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We design applications so that customers can configure their product autonomously.

  • Customisable products
  • Offer development
  • Gamification
  • Autonomous customer

We can build your 3D and AR configurator

We develop omnichannel and multi-platform solutions for the visualisation and configuration of 3D and AR products.

With our technology, you get access to a 360°-product viewer, and you can configure and place your product in a real environment thanks to augmented reality (AR). This is all done using 100% native technology, without any added apps or plugins.

Our solutions can be implemented on common websites and physical points of sale, at trade fairs, and in any other B2B and B2C context.

Ultra-realistic customer experience

Customers can visualise, configure, and customise their products in 3D directly from their computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Four distinct configuration levels

We have designed four distinct configuration levels, from a simple 3D product catalogue to the most complete and advanced configurator.

Increased conversions and engagement

Various studies have demonstrated that websites with configurators not only have higher conversion rates, but they also generate a higher average customer spend (ACS).

Level I

3D catalogue with virtual reality (VR)

We can replicate any product in three dimensions thanks to the latest generation of 3D models, created to measure. The user can rotate the product and see all details in real time.

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  • High quality 3D models
  • Showcase your products from every angle
  • Compatible with all major CMSs
Braccio robotico industriale
Raspberry Pi Pico
Level II

3D catalogue with augmented reality (AR)

Augmented reality (AR) allows you to interact with a virtual object, maintaining its position and proportions in situ. Technology is based on a combination of real elements and interactive computer graphics.

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  • Benefits of Level I
  • Quickly visualise products in their real environment
  • Native experience, no apps or plugins required
Mountain Bike
Mobile arredamento
Macchinetta caffè
Pianta da vaso
Lampada da terra
Level III

Basic Configurator

With the Basic configurator, you can give the user the opportunity to interact and experiment with different combinations, choosing, for example, the material and the colour of the object. The final result is generated in real time.

  • Flexible management of possible combinations
  • Infinite combinations of colours or materials
  • Freedom of movement with 360° views and product zoom
Configuratore Basic
Level IV

Advanced Configurator

The end consumer can communicate all their preferences and apply them to the various elements of the product. This advanced tool serves as a contact point par excellence between the product and the Customer.

  • Advantages of the Basic Configurator
  • Modular configuration management
  • Logical link management
Configuratore Advanced

How does it benefit the company and its employees?

A configurator is the ideal technology for all companies that produce complex or customisable products.

Your customers frequently need to customise the features of your product.

initial phase

We create a software application so that the product configuration process becomes autonomous and fun.

creation of a configurator

Your sales department saves a lot of resources in terms of working time.

final results

Advantages of using a configurator

We design customised configurators according to the specific needs of a company and its products.


Replaces the process of manually creating an offer


Developed as if it were a game


Transmits a modern image


Replaces the process of manually creating an offer


Developed as if it were a game


Transmits a modern image

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