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Management 4.0 & CRM

We design highly innovative company software and management systems.

  • Industry 4.0
  • Automation
  • Process consulting
  • Data interconnection

An approach of total personalization

Today there are myriads of business management software, software for the organization of resources and CRM for customer management. In most cases, these are "package" products, made by software-houses experts in the sector, which put at the service of companies the standard features necessary for a good business organization.

As consultants we go beyond these basic functionalities and offer totally customized solutions, built ad hoc according to the needs of business development: business management 4.0, software, CRM and highly innovative applications and much more.

We design fully customized business management systems.

What are the advantages of a tailor-made management system?
  • It precisely follows the business processes

  • Cost savings for unsolicited features

  • It is flexible to changes and business evolutions

  • It is specific, built for business goals

Not a simple software house, but strategic consultants for the company's technological evolution.

Innovative CRMs: tailor-made software to manage customers

We build CRMs that exactly follow the specific ways in which the company manages the relationship with its customers.

Ours is a strategic consulting approach. Based on the business development needs, we design the most suitable technology to make the commercial process efficient and of quality.

Digitize the order process

Digital warehouse: track every movement

  • Orders to suppliers
  • Warehouse management
  • Customer orders
  • Work account
  • Personal data
Strengthen business activities

An intelligent management system to optimize resources

We design business software with the aim of extracting all useful data for efficient resource optimization.

We create links with the accounting software used by accountants, develop interfaces for analytical accounting and record information on economic movements to meet strategic needs.

  • Data extraction to optimize resources
  • Interfaces for analytical accounting
  • Links to accountants' software
  • Flow analysis

We design every technology useful for business development.

Link to eCommerce: integrate information on online sales

The goal is to obtain a global vision between internal organization and online sales.

To have a centralized view of the online store, it is essential to have a single, efficient, fully digitized and integrated platform for all the necessary features.

Centralizing the management of online sales is possible thanks to innovative software and management systems and without any IT limits.

We are also financial consultants: we find public subsidies for investments 4.0.

The goals we want to achieve

We intercept all national, regional and European subsidies to support companies in 4.0 investments. All without asking for down payments.

Financial sustainability

Lighten the financial burden of technological innovation.

Full automation

Digitize, enhance and automate all business activities.

Business development

Promote and sustain company growth in the long term.

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