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Glacom UK Limited with head office in London ENGLAND, Glacom Italia Srl with head office in Toscolano Maderno on Lake Garda (Brescia) ITALIA and Glacom France Sarl with head office in Lyon Rhone FRANCE, are Communications and Marketing agencies that operate in Europe and in the world via the European trademark Glacom®.
The companies boast over 10 years of experience in the field of web communication and not only.

The history of Glacom® goes back to 1986, not yet called Glacom® ; at that time internet was just an unknown language, exclusive to military circles and encrypted communications.
Since then Glacom® has changed skin many times, in relation to the technological escalation and its internationalization.
As for many other productive sectors, the world of Communications had a boom: things that hadn’t happened in decades suddenly happened and changed in the space of twenty years. From a “means management” that was almost exclusively paper-based (newspapers, periodicals, specialized magazines, billboards, merchandising, etc.) and radio or television media via adverts more or less local, there was a sudden leap to levels of advertising that used a new powerful tool, the web, capable of crossing entire continents at the speed of light and at extremely reduced costs.
From this point, in the 90’s, the huge leap in quality with structural investments for the launching of a provider-registrar business and the creation of Network Visibility Programmes, following the American experience that rely on a group of copywriters and mother-tongue translaters, as well as the use of constant new technologies of the network.
Everything that promotes the clientele on the network, exploiting the fastest and more profitable means of national and international business. The strategies of the web marketing mix (SEO copywriting and company blogs, social media marketing, video marketing and personal branding, email marketing, etc.) alongside traditional media, for a more effective and globale coverage.
Glacom® then widened its horizons to Facilitated Finance to assist its clientele in the search for all the finance opportunities offered by the Enti della PA nazionali ed europei per la R&S aziendale.

The experience of marketing matured over the decades and the support of advanced communication, have allowed Glacom® to create complete and personalized Visibilty Programmes at 360° for each client.
Making all the company communication strategic and multilingual, Glacom®  gives the possibility of acquiring a new National, European and International clientele.

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