Email marketing: speed, safety, low cost, results.

Email marketing: send promotional offers to a precise public in a specific place, maximum efficiency.

Posted on 06 October 2014
What is meant by email marketing? Email marketing is the targeted sending of promotional newsletters to a public potentially interested in the offer of your services and/or products.
Choosing the target and area that’s right for your proposal, the results are guaranteed. What are the advantages of email marketing?
LOW COST compared to an ordinary letter, emails are free of charge
SPEED  it’s instant, it arrives in real time even to a user on the other side of the world
SAFETY  it’s very rare that an email gets lost or is not received
RESULTS  it’s possible to assess the results of the mailing campaign, it’s possible to know how many contacts have visited the page, how many have clicked, how many have entered in the website, etc.
Glacom carries out email marketing services for its clients: with our commercial manager you can study the most suitable target reference, for each email, the graphic designer will propose layouts with images, texts, links and videos created for your specific offer; the programmer will deal with the sending of newsletters with our servers and the final results report. As you can see, it’s a 360° service…and very efficient. To find out more contact us!  Ask for an estimate for an email marketing campaign with Glacom.

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