Glacom’s company blog

The double functionality of Glacom’s company blog; a very efficient and dynamic tool.

Posted on 23 November 2015
What is Glacom’s company blog? What functions does it have?
Glacom is a great web marketing company that deals mostly with the positioning on search engines and with visibility on the web, both at a national and international level. The experience gathered throughout the years, as well as the studies being done in the sector, all point towards the importance of the textual content, in order to be visible on Google and to reach its first pages. For this very reason, we’ve created the company blog; a very efficient and dynamic tool, which has a double function: the first concerns the very positioning; the second relates to the company’s image.
Glacom’s company blog is a container of articles written by professional and specialised copywriters. The themes for it, are the company’s products and services, with all the curiosities and details related to the specific sector. Through these texts, the company can establish a direct form of contact with the potential client, explain all of its offers’ characteristics, and get in depth with important topics, thus reinforcing its own image. For what concerns the positioning, instead, within these texts are inserted the so called “key phrases”, in order to respond to the user’s request in the most precise way possible. The more original, of quality, and interesting the text; the more Google and other search engines will let the website rise in ranking.
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