The company blog by Glacom.

The company blog by Glacom aims to gain visibility on search engines. Here's how.

Posted on 12 January 2015
What characteristics does the company blog by Glacom have?
When we say Company Blog we mean a large container of journalistic texts, written by specialized copywriters, following key words studied in advance to gain positive positions on search engines.

- JOURNALISTIC TEXTS: the company blog cantains all the articles written to promote and advertise the company. They have a strong commercial format to convince the cliente to but those determined products of servies.

- SPECIALIZED COPYWRITERS: for each company blog expert copywriters are selected, competant in specific fields. For each category of goods we have professional journalists.

- KEY WORDS: the key word is the phrase that the user digits on the search engine to find a specific product and/or service. The texts in the company blog will include a number of key words to fulfil the requirements of the user as much as possible.

- POSITIONING ON SEARCH ENGINES: this is the true aim of the company blog, reaching the first page of Google and giving the company visibility. In this way, thanks to internet, you will be known worldwide.

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