The first steps to take for selling abroad.

Consultancy and assistnace for selling abroad.: from the translation of your website to the opening of an overseas branch.

Posted on 09 March 2015
Glacom is a large company that proposes consultancy to companies in the marketing and web marketing sector. What does this word that we hear so often mean? When we say marketing we mean all those actions that are needed by a company to enter national and international markets, so as to propose their products and/or services, with the aim of creating business and gaining a profit. Glacom deals with the creation of websites, following online positioning and visibility, organizing campaigns – Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing – informing companies of various funds available, helping internationalization and much more.

The subject we’re tackling today is precisely “selling abroad”. The economic crisis demands a widening of our horizons and leaving our borders...which are the first steps to take for selling abroad?
Glacom advises as the first step, to translate your website into the language of the destination (many studies  sustain that the purchaser is more inclined to purchase a product and/or service when they read the specific details and information in their mother tongue) and start a positioning campaign so as to be visible on foreign search engines.

Secondly, Glacom can put you in contact with experts in each country you want to do business in, capable of supplying a precise market analysis, to help with the opening of an overseas branch and assist with bureaucratic matters.

Glacom is by your side to help you sell abroad and increase the number of clients. Contact us for any further information , we are at your service.

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