Visibility on search engines: METATAGS

Visibility on search engines: today we speak of Metatags, elements of the HTML code, useful to SEO.

Posted on 10 January 2017
We have said many times that influencing the visibility on the search engines are multiple factors, all closely related to each other: the structure and the site code of Internet, optimizing of the responsive version, the presence of original textual content rich of key phrases, metatags, the online reputation, exchange links with other websites in the same industry, user behavior and more.
Today, exactly talking about visibility on search engines, we want to treat METATAGS topic. If the arguments, concerning the content and the writing of texts, are more immediate and understandable, metatags are elements of the HTML code, therefore you need to be informed of the details of the subject. Let us see together how to explain the meaning in the simplest way possible.

The metatags that are of fundamental importance, from SEO point of view of the visibility on search engines, are two: the TITLE and DESCRIPTION.
TITLE: it is a very short text string that appears in the header of the browser and in the SERP of Google as a link (that then the user must click to access the content). And it is essential because it tells Google the content of the page in question, making it possible to verify the consistency respect to research carried out by users.
How do you write this title?
It shouldn’t have more than 60 characters plus spaces, it must submit once the key phrase relating to the content and should be relevant, that means interesting to the user.

DESCRIPTION: is a short paragraph in the "head" area of the code, should describe the content of the page and appears under the Title in the Google SERP and also as a preview when the content is shared on the Social (yet can be modified before publication). The description influence positively the percentage of clicks, the more interesting, engaging and promotional, the more it will be clicked.
How should it be written?
Recommended length of around 110 characters plus spaces, the presence of a one-time keyword (the exaggeration in this case is wasteful).

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