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Visibility on search engines: three different SEO approaches
Per costruire una buona strategia di visibilità sui motori di ricerca è necessario avere ben chiaro l'obiettivo che si vuole...
The business blog is like a beautiful vegetable garden to cultivate
How can the Business Blog intercept the user's question? We support in fact that the Blog is a useful tool to ensure the positioning on...
The job of a copywriter: stimulation, research and interaction
The "copywriter" for some people is a figure still not very clear, a "handyman" playing with words ... obviously it is not the only thing they do....
Positioning on search engines: security HTTPS
We know that security is very important to Google, one of the characteristics for which there is a continue research and investment of resources,...
Social Media Marketing: the sources and the content
Speaking of Social Media Marketing, we discussed various topics, including the most important surely are the relationship with users and the...
Visibility on search engines: METATAGS
We have said many times that influencing the visibility on the search engines are multiple factors, all closely related to each other: the...
Business blog: the problem of repetitive content
One of the biggest problems a copywriter specialized in copywriting for the web, has to face, such as those promotional for a SEO optimized...
Advertising on Facebook: personal profile, the page and the group
Glacom also deals with advertising on Facebook for companies, today it has become essential to communicate and talk directly with their public. In...
Web Marketing Consultancy: forecasts for 2017
A good web marketing consultancy service for a company must also provide a space for study of the future, for the forecasts, in order to be always...
Company Blog: management, tips and ideas
We mentioned many times that in order to get a good ranking on the search engines you need to enrich their website with original text content,...
Positioning on search engines: the last algorithm OPOSSUM
Here is the latest news from Google: the update of the algorithm OPOSSUM! Have you noticed the change of positioning on search engines? You have...
Writing texts for the web, a true vocation
As with any profession in the world, even to write texts for the web takes a certain vocation. The profession of copywriter, that means the writer...